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Bondage Relaxation and Professional Domination, San Francisco Bay Area, CA

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Elise Graves, Bondage sessions in Bay Area, CA



Elise Graves, Professional Bondage sessions in SF


Using the physical, mental and emotional power of intentional erotic bondage therapy play allows us to open up to ourselves and others, resulting in a life-changing sense of freedom.

Bondage therapy creates the conditions which allow a person to surrender, to trust, and to make themselves vulnerable to another human being. In using the body's vulnerable position (often, a little goes a long way), it encourages the mind to follow suit. This leads to a vulnerability, or openness, of the mind. The person is in a highly receptive state. Subtly and powerfully, a person in that meditative state begins to allow all the repressed thoughts, emotions, ideas and beliefs float up to the surface. Sometimes its perceptible, sometimes it is not. But always, it is transformative.  

‚ÄčNot all professional domination (pro domme) services are the same.  If you are looking for a technically skilled, compassionate guide to safely explore your inner self, then Bondage Therapy could be for you.

Elise Graves, Pro Domme Bondage Sessions in SF